Our Commitments

Products & Supports-Our Commitments

We proundly provide quality innovative and functional technology and consumer products (ISO9001 certified) such as power tools, computers, computer components, electronics, etc. at very competitive prices since 1999. We manufacture some of them and others are from allied manufacturers. We also provide customized products/OEM below:

  • Consumer Technology products (e.g. computers and smartphones including their parts and accessories)
  • Power solution for portable devices (e.g. power banks, batteries, adapters and accessories for Apple iPads, iPhones, iPods, HTC smartphones, Samsung smartphones, Motorola smartphones, LG smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, notebook computers, netbook computers, etc.)
  • Industrial and consumer brushes (e.g. BBQ grill brushes, brushes for power tools)
  • Removable adhesive window sunblocks 
  • ODM and OEM of products listed above-not limited to

Our Support Teams Offer:   

  • World-class service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free consultations 

We value you and your business. We are here to serve your needs and to assist in growing your business. 
We are environmentally conscious and supportive. We are committed to well being of the earth and all people through our products to consumers.

Please contact us. Thank you!