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Ally Global Group proudly serves your business needs with quality innovative and funcitonal technology and consumer products from world’s top manufacturers since 1999. We manufacture some of them and others are from our allied manufacturers. We also provide customized products/OEM/ODM. We are proudly serving Fortune 500 (Forbes 500) companies including large national chains and top brands.

With strategically concentrating on quality products and satisfaction supports in providing cool and functional technology and consumer products, we are headquartered in North America with a worldwide network of sales and manufacturing partners, the dedicated staff at Ally Global Group is equipped to assist you. Our representatives provide consultation and innovative design assistance for standard and custom applications.

We provide quality products with reliable and timely supports. We support and supply Eco-friendly products with EDI capacity.

Product Categories

  • Consumer Technology products (e.g., computers and smartphones including their parts and accessories)
  • Power solution for portable  devices (e.g., power banks, batteries, adapters and accessories for Apple iPads, iPhones, iPods, HTC smartphones, Samsung smartphones, Motorola smartphones, LG smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, notebook computers, netbook computers, etc.)
  • Industrial and consumer brushes (e.g., BBQ grill brushes, brushes for power tools)
  • ODM and OEM of products listed above-not limited to

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  • World-class service
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Our quality products and low prices bestow your business staying competitive. Our supreme customer services bring more edges to your business. Our added values surprise you in productivity.

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